What to expect?



Discuss your case with our team to determine if our services are right for you! Call our office to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today!

If you choose to move forward then we will schedule your first initial office visit. You will be sent a New Patient Intake through our online PATIENT PORTAL which will include health history forms, consents and other information that we need to start treatment. Educational materials and FAQ's about our therapies can be found in the "Document" section in your patient portal.

Before your first appointment


Make a List: Your Provider will have time to take care of two or three things during your visit. The best way to be prepared is to have a list of what you want to talk about during your visit, bring it with you, and bring that up first with your provider.


You will also be asked to gather together any lab work and medical reports that you have in your possession along with any medications, herbs and nutritional supplements that you are currently taking so that you can bring these in with you to your first appointment. If you don’t have copies of medical records, don’t worry, we can always obtain them later or order new tests during your first visit.

Health Counseling and Education

Your first visit!


$400 NEW PATIENT PREMIUM (Same as NEW PATIENT BASIC + 1 Double shot or 1 Prolozone Injection)

Expect to visit with one of our providers for 60-90 minutes to fully understand your health concerns. We will review your current state of health, recommend appropriate lab work if needed and perform pertinent physical exams.

We work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that works with your needs and goals, making you an active participant in your health and healing process.

You can expect your provider to ask questions about your eating and sleeping habits, your work, your personal and family life and daily routines.

Our approach to treatment may include some therapies that you have never heard before yet they are biased in sound science and evidence based healthcare.

Every-BODY is different and individualized treatment plans are developed for each patient, based on your particular health status, case history and needs.

We promote WELL-CARE and the prevention of disease rather than disease and symptom management. Memberships are available for those eager to stay healthy.   

Your provider may recommend lifestyle modifications by changing your diet or daily routines as a way to prevent illness or lessen the effects of an existing problem. 

Lab Testing: 

*cost varies, call for pricing*

Draw Site: We offer onsite phlebotomy $20 lab draw fee


We strongly recommend undergoing a comprehensive set of tests that allow us to look deep into your physiology so we can uncover your specific biochemical needs. Doing this helps us to pinpoint precisely what kind of support you require and personalize your IV treatments. It’s like treating an infection with “wide spectrum antibiotics” versus treating it with medication that pinpoints the exact organism causing you problems. One is a scatter shot approach that may or may not help. The other is so laser focused we can be reasonably sure it will produce rapid results.

  • Basic bloodwork: (CBC, CMP, Lipids)

  • Expanded blood: (HbA1c, Vit-D3, Thyroid, Anemia)

  • Health Panel: above plus relevant cardio/diabetes risk profiles

  • Full GI panel w/O&P

  • Men's and Women's Hormone Panels

  • Nutrient Testing

  • Adrenal profile

  • Neurotransmitter Testing 


After you get the lab work done, your provider will tell you how often you need to repeat it, if necessary. You may not have to do any more lab work, or you might have to get more lab work on a regular basis. Your provider will tell you when it is best for you to get more lab work.

Offsite blood draws, offered in many Safeway stores, may be arranged with Quest Diagnostics lab and scheduled as needed.

Quest also offers results via their web portal if you sign up for an account with them.

Our goals for the first office visit are:

  • To get to know you and to begin to understand your health challenges

  • To begin to identify the underlying causes of your health challenges

  • To learn about your health goals and what you hope to get out of treatment

  • To create a partnership with you in achieving the health you really want

Follow up visits

Follow Up Visits: Price varies 0- $150 

Follow up visits generally last between 30-60 minutes depending on the severity and complexity of your case, most often many cases start with a few, closely spaced visits (1-2/week) at the beginning of treatment. During follow up visits your provider will assess progress since your last appointment, address any new symptoms that may emerge, perform physical exams when indicated, help you address any difficulties you may be having in carrying out the treatment plan and adjust or change therapies as needed to keep you moving towards optimum health.  Meetings on Zoom/ Skype or other internet meeting applications are available for follow up appointments to save travel and waiting time for the client.

The larger view

As patients progress through their full course of treatment they tend to pass through a series of phases, beginning with improvements in the specific symptoms they came to see us for, then improvements in more general health parameters such as energy, sleep, overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life. Over time, patients gain greater confidence and independence in improving and managing their own health.